Coffee Anyone?

So I've made coffee soaps in the past and could never get past the horrible smell of them. That is, I made them using freshed brewed coffee in place of water with coffee grounds and no additional fragrance. They worked great at getting rid of kitchen odors on your hands or even dishes but man - I just didn't like the way the actual bars smelled.

So this time I decided to replace only 1/4 of the water with coffee for a bit of color, add fresh ground coffee for their scent masking abilities, but include a coffee fragrance too.

Can I tell you that I'm love with these little things? I hope no one buys them so I can have them all to myself :-)


Joanna Schmidt said…
They are so yummy looking!! The tops look like chocolate! Yummo!
Suds to Love said…
Wow... they look so tasty.
SoapWithBalls said…
After looking I need to go eat ...THANKS...LOL
Sherry said…
wow nice not only looking delicious but I think must be smell good too.
this soap looks great just was wondering what does one do with coffee smelling soap? I mean do people really like to smell like a cup of coffee...No matter for the kitchen affect I love it.

Let me ask you, are your soaps that strong where they can sit in a fancy bowl and give off their scent? (may need to buy some if so)

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