Come ON People!!!

So, yesterday morning I'm on my way to work (10 minute commute tops), and it's taking me over an hour to get there due to a serious vehicle accident that occured hours earlier. The road up ahead was closed down and even though I could almost see my building it was impossible to get to it. As frustrated as I was, I prayed for the victim's life to be spared and simply made a u-turn and went back home. A couple hours later, I did manage to make it to the office only to overhear two individuals in the garage complaining about "the idiot" who caused the major delay this morning when he took out 3 utility poles.

I have to say that my heart sank - once again! Don't get me wrong - I'm not all sweetness and light myself but DAMN - someone almost lost their life and all you can complain about is being late for work?

I am losing my faith in mankind peoples and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that cares enough to SHOW me that humans really aren't self centered, self absorbed, selfish and sodom & gommorahfied.

.....just so sad!


Corris said…
wow, that's terrible. i am saddened too by those people. i hope you have a better day. and i pray for the victim as well.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is very sad, if someone dies, and all people can do is complain about loosing a bit of time...

Karma. I believe that good things come to good people. And you know that you are one of them.
dcyrill said…
Society has their priorities and concerns in the wrong place. We are becoming a people who are desensitizes to humankind.

I pray that those involved in the accident are ok.
Joanna said…
You have to just breathe and know what is right sometimes.
Waterrose said…
It really feels that way sometimes and maybe even a lot of times. But for those of us that do care and think about other people we all need to be strong and keep the spirit. In my opinion, I think that right now many people are searching for good things. Otherwise things like the "secret" "law of attraction" wouldn't be so popular. I also think with the economy doing a 180 we are all going to slow down and try to find a simpler life.
Soapy Elephant said…
Had you heard if the person in the accident was ok?

Society now is a "ME" society, a majority of people have lost the caring aspect of life. Be it who's ever fault of the accident, an accident did happen, usually the outcome is not good. People should become less judgemental and more caring, just my opinion.

Prayers are going out to the person/persons involved in the accident.
Morgan Street said…
Thanks everyone for listening to my rantings :)

Update: I believe the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident is going to live. He was last listed in stable condition which is a good sign.

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