Monday, December 31, 2007

Move over 2007 because 2008 is coming!!!

As 2007 departs, I can honestly say for the first time, that I'm a little aprehensive about letting it go. I've asked myself why and this is the best answer I've come up with so far.

I think I'm afraid. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of what lies ahead for Morgan Street - good or not, it's scarey not knowing!

I started Morgan Street in November 2006 and joined Etsy in July 2007. This year has been the most exciting and exhilerating year EVER! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined accomplishing so much and meeting so many great people through my passion for soapmaking. I have made many new friends, both in the cyber world and in real life. I now have a following of customers that believe in my products and claim that they will never use anything but my products ever again. Do you know how that feels? I hope so because I can't describe it!

So, yes I'm nervous about 2008 because in my heart I know it's going to be bigger and better than 2007, I can feel it. I can seriously feel it and it's scarey because it's unknown terroritory for me but guess what? I'm going to pull on my big girl panties and I'm going to face it all, so come on with it 2008!

Happy New Year Everyone and thank you all for your support - See you in '08!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Love Santa

Those of you who know me, know that it is damn near impossible to reach me by telephone unless you call me at work! Reasons range from (and they're all genuine) -

a) didn't hear the phone ringing it must be on vibrate or something
b) don't know where my phone is (usually at the bottom of my purse wherever THAT is)
c) my phone's not holding a charge so I'm phone-less
d) my phone's in a zip loc bag in the freezer - it's the only way I can get the screen to work

Members of my family KNOW to not even bother wasting their time dialing my digits because short of a small miracle, I'll not answer.

So - what did I ask Santa for this year? Yep - you guessed it, a new phone. Oh but not just any old phone, I wanted an iPhone. The hottest of all gadgets going. You see, my thinking is that if I have an iPhone, I'll HAVE to answer it because it will always be right there next to me with all my music, photos, calender, access to the internet and everything else I could ever dream of needing right there at my finger tips.

Santa is a good egg - he delivered my iPhone as requested. There it was waiting under the tree this morning when I arose to greet Christmas Day, my favorite of holidays. As I type, my iPhone has been activated and is awaiting phone service. They say it can take up to a day for phone service. I've been checking it every 5 mins all day long just to see. I can't wait to plant this little gadget to the side of my face and start yacking to my family and friends. I reckon they'll be floored to hear from me!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Coconut Lime

Here's one of my latest creations. It's "coconut lime" as requested by a customer.
I also recently did another batch of almond but made it more interesting looking than the 1st batch. That one's already up for sale at Etsy.

Next will be the valentines stuff..............can't wait to get started on those.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Careful what you wish for...

In case you're wondering why I haven't been around for a while, well let me tell's been crazy mad over there at Etsy. People are shopping and I've been spending every possible minute making, packing and shipping. It's been nuts!!!

Is this not what I wished for? I do believe it is! It's weird bitter sweet though because I'm becoming frustrated, only because my creative mind has already moved beyond Christmas (old news) and is now in Valentine's Day mode. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head but alas no time to create! I've taken to putting pen to paper to satisfy myself temporarily.

I wonder if I should close my shop for a few days just so I can play with oils & butters? that sounds like a plan!