Careful what you wish for...

In case you're wondering why I haven't been around for a while, well let me tell's been crazy mad over there at Etsy. People are shopping and I've been spending every possible minute making, packing and shipping. It's been nuts!!!

Is this not what I wished for? I do believe it is! It's weird bitter sweet though because I'm becoming frustrated, only because my creative mind has already moved beyond Christmas (old news) and is now in Valentine's Day mode. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head but alas no time to create! I've taken to putting pen to paper to satisfy myself temporarily.

I wonder if I should close my shop for a few days just so I can play with oils & butters? that sounds like a plan!


Roxie's mama said…
congrats! i was wondering where ya been! hope to see you at the holiday party. good luck with it all.
Anonymous said…
I feel ya hun! My mind has been ready for the new year for weeks! Hopefully some of the madness has calmed down by now, and you'll have time to enjoy yourself, family and friends.
Much Love.
Janell ♥

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