I Love Santa

Those of you who know me, know that it is damn near impossible to reach me by telephone unless you call me at work! Reasons range from (and they're all genuine) -

a) didn't hear the phone ringing it must be on vibrate or something
b) don't know where my phone is (usually at the bottom of my purse wherever THAT is)
c) my phone's not holding a charge so I'm phone-less
d) my phone's in a zip loc bag in the freezer - it's the only way I can get the screen to work

Members of my family KNOW to not even bother wasting their time dialing my digits because short of a small miracle, I'll not answer.

So - what did I ask Santa for this year? Yep - you guessed it, a new phone. Oh but not just any old phone, I wanted an iPhone. The hottest of all gadgets going. You see, my thinking is that if I have an iPhone, I'll HAVE to answer it because it will always be right there next to me with all my music, photos, calender, access to the internet and everything else I could ever dream of needing right there at my finger tips.

Santa is a good egg - he delivered my iPhone as requested. There it was waiting under the tree this morning when I arose to greet Christmas Day, my favorite of holidays. As I type, my iPhone has been activated and is awaiting phone service. They say it can take up to a day for phone service. I've been checking it every 5 mins all day long just to see. I can't wait to plant this little gadget to the side of my face and start yacking to my family and friends. I reckon they'll be floored to hear from me!!


Joanna Schmidt said…
yay! We both got what we wanted. It really is fun when dreams come true!
Morgan Street said…
Yay for us!!! Did you get an iPhone too joanna or was it something else?
GreenSpaceGoods said…
congrats! Michael (the shop's other half) has had one for a few months now and he loves it :)
Corris said…
congrats on your phone! did you see that Etsy did an email blast about your soaps?? I get their daily picks emails and suggested they feature you. woohoo! looks like they listened. cheers, Corris, NYC Soapmaker's Circle Meetup
Anonymous said…
How fun!! Happy holidays!

Amber Rose said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
designsbynana said…
YAY!!!I love my too!!!Specially when I can check on my Etsy shop from anywhere...and I mean anywhere!

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