Coconut Lime

Here's one of my latest creations. It's "coconut lime" as requested by a customer.
I also recently did another batch of almond but made it more interesting looking than the 1st batch. That one's already up for sale at Etsy.

Next will be the valentines stuff..............can't wait to get started on those.


ricracsally said…
did you just say valentines?
i've barely accepted the fact that it's nearly xmas!! :)

oh, the coconut lime looks wooooonderfulllll!!
Kellybot said…
I LOVE coconut and lime! Looks heavenly!
Joanna Schmidt said…
Im in Heaven....I'm In Heaven.....And my heart beats so that I can hardly s--p--e--a--k.
Blossombabies said…
That is some seriously yumm lookin soap?!?!?
Are you really sure we cant eat it?
Whoever do you come up with this gorgeous stuff???
You Rock!!
executeme said…
That soap looks fantastic. I can't wait!

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