Happiness is....

Recently I was tagged by my wonderful cyber friend Pili to list 6 things that make my smile or make me happy so here goes:

1. The sound of children's laughter

2. Evening walks at my local beach

3. My home country (UK)

4. My family (I can't find a family picture ANYWHERE)!

5. The Christmas Season

6. Acts of kindness

...and my list could go on and on and would include making crafts, making soap, making ANYTHING, good food, good friends, parties, my kids smiles, hugs, good health, etc etc etc.

What makes you happy?


I'm a simple gal:

***A hot and a cot***
***Fresh air and water***
***Good health***
***My cat***
***My loving friends and family***
steam showers said…
You have an excellent luck on life!
Joanna said…
family, health, friends, laughter, love, creativity, sleep

Pili said…
There are sooo many things that makes us happy, but the simple ones are the ones that makes us the happier!
FuturePrimitive said…
touching plants
early autumn
steam rooms said…
I would have to say waking to a beautiful sunny day!
Daisy Soap Girl said…
Blog walking and thought I's visit.

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