Lots of Lip Service

So today I had the crazy idea to make a ton of lip balm. A ton being in the 250 tubes range. I now have plenty of every flavor except for mango which I decided not to replenish this time around. Instead of mango, I've introduced a brand new one - Rum & Raisin. Can't wait to see if it does well. It smells just like the real deal, rich and creamy and sweet!


Pili said…
WOW! Lip balm overload!
The new flavor sounds really interesting, though I hope you intend to bring back the mango one at some point, I'd like to try it, cause I love mango!
Morgan Street said…
oooh you drive a hard bargain missy! Yes I'll bring back mango. You're the 2nd person to ask for it in 24 hours so I suppose I can't retire it yet. LOL!
steam showers said…
This is the first time i have visited your blog and these lip balms sound wonderful.
S, your labels are beautiful too!
Adorebynat said…
It's never too early getting ready for holiday seasons. But I agree with others, you should bring the mango flavor back.
OMGooodness~ what a wonderful sounding blend! Hope it does well!

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