Add painting to that list will you?

My 4 year old nephew's toy chest has been sitting in my hallway for weeks now. Apparently he told his mom
" if Auntie Sharon paints my toy chest, I'll like her a lot". So of course I had to do it cos I like being liked especially by HIM!

Since I spent the majority of yesterday snoozing, I was determined to do something constructive with myself by getting this thing painted already.

Was meant to take a BEFORE picture but forgot until after I'd already started. Anyway, you can sort of see how it was before and then once it was done.

Just need to add a protective clear coat and little man will be good to go!

Hoping he'll like me a lot when he sees it :-)


Auntie Dis said…
It looks GREAT! Now if you would only come clear coat the bar I built for hubby....I just can't bring myself to do it.
Pili said…
It looks great! I'm sure he's gonna absolutely love it!
Joanna said…
OK, Sharon enough is enough, I tellya!

1. J-O-B
2. Soap maker
3. wife and mother
4. gardener.....

4. a million other things you don't share with the world...
and now painter. He'll love you like we all do!
Joanna said…
ok, not that you ARE a job. No, that you HAVE a job.

long day
steam showers said…
You are just like me - how can you say no!

I think when he see's it he will be amazed!
Pili said…
Sharon, you have been tagged in my latest blog entry!

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