What's your name?

I know, I know, I've been missing forever! I'm here now and that's all that counts.

So - back to the task at hand. A quick update and a request for your assistance. I made this batch of soap for our upcoming EGCG Swag Bag sales and for my soap of the month subscribers. For the swag bag I'll be submitting 2oz bars but for the monthly subscribers they will get full size 4oz bars. Either way, I'm stumped for a name. It's a combo of Gardenia, Coconut Lime and Cherry fragrance oils (in that order). What do you reckon?
UPDATE..................We have a name!!


Don't you think it's perfect? I do!


Parrish70 said…
It is beautiful!! How about Garden Party? It looks like a garden party. =)
Morgan Street said…
Thank you Parrish70 - I think that name is absolutely PERFECT!! Contact me for a free gift (seriously)!!
Joanna said…
welcome back, slow poke. ;)

That soap is so pretty girl. I think right now I am having soap envy. **huff** I need you to get your ass down here and come play in my soap lab with me :OD
Oooohhh, the new soap is absolutely beautiful! Love the name too...although, I can't quite figure out if I want to revel in the spring-like, garden asthetics or the fruity, mouth-watering taste looking at it puts in my mouth!!
Alana said…
Love that name - it suits the soap perfectly!
Your soap is hot. I kinda wanna marry it. Have some of its garden party babies.
FuturePrimitive said…
'Garden Party' sure is the perfect name. what a lovely soap too - made my eyebrows rise and my mouth go sideways on both sides!
These look wonderful. They look like a Garden Party. I bet the smell is great to.

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