What Would I Learn....

...if I always followed directions? Not as much as I've learned by not following them that's for sure.

I made a batch of Milk Rose soap per a customer's request a little while back but it has taken so long to harden up that I decided to make another batch but this time instead of pouring in the mold and leaving it alone, I put that sucker in right in the oven - milk & all. Shock, horror, clutch my pearls!

Yes, I really did put a milk soap batch in the oven over night and you know what? Nothing happened to it. When I checked on it the next day, I half expected to find a volcanic mess in my oven but to my surprise, my milk rose log behaved quite perfectly under all that heat. I let it sit for a day before slicing even though I could have sliced it immediately it was that firm. Not sure if I will attempt doing this again though as that would be tempting the devil and I'm not THAT brave!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about another rule I broke that turned out perfectly!


awh come one.. sometimes its fun to test fate! :)
How funny! The best part of being creative is the experimentation...glad the kitchen and it's effects are still in good standing! :-)
Anonymous said…
A nice pretty pink colour.
Molly said…
What a beautiful, delicate pink! I bet it's so creamy.

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