2008 is now behind us and we're facing a brand spanking new year. It feels good. I look at it as having a clean slate that I can draw whatever I want on. 2009 is going to be just splendid. How do I know? Because I'm going to make it that way. How ?

Last year I learned about the Laws of Attraction.
I learned that hypnotherapy can be used to easily and painlessly kill all my demons.
I learned about this thing called meditation (not that I've managed to try it yet) but I learned that it's a good thing and that it's a way for me to listen to my heart, spirit & soul for guidance and good advice.
I also learned something that I'm still having trouble understanding but plan to work on. I learned that there is no such thing as time, that there is no past and no future. When I fully grasp this rule, I will share it here.

For Christmas I bought 2 copies of the Deepak Chopra book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success". One for my sister and one for myself. We plan to read and discuss as we go along. The book is seriously deep and enlightening and not something I could read alone. I'm sure we're going to have lots of questions for each other.

So, I am wishing everyone a fantabulous 2009 because I know I'm going to have one :)


SoapyChica said…
Happy New Year! I have decided to have a great one too! YAY!
VANITY said…
I have been trying to get in touch w/ you about your wholesale terms. I've used the email address info@morganst.net that's listed here and on lollishops but it keeps coming back as undeliverable. Please contact me at angelagreene9@comcast.net
Gioia Made Soap said…
Hi Morgan Street,
We wish you also a lovely newyear from Europe to the United States.
Wishing you all the luck and happiness, but most of all:health
kindest Regards,
Gioia Made Soap
Morgan Street said…
Hi Vanity - I will send you an email today. Thanks for letting me know!

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