Relocation of the Cheese - part II

Sorry - it's been a while since I posted and I did promise part II to my previous post. So I'll give a quick run down before I move on to the next subject. So much going on right now and so much to tell!

OK so what was left of our group called an emergency meeting in chat that night. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and we got to breathing life back into our Street Team before it died a fast death. Not only did we resuscitate the group, we gave it a new life, a new look and a new outlook. Those that had previously sat on the sidelines (namely me) took on real roles. Everyone pitched in and it was a beautiful thing to see unfolding.

The team has lots planned for the near future including the sale of Swag Bags which will comprise of sample items from 20 of some of the best Bath & Body shops this side of Etsy. Keep your eyes peeled for those as they'll be going on sale very soon :)

We started a new forum, a new blog, a new Etsy shop, Flickr page, Facebook AND a website. All this within a week! We even came up with a brand new logo! Now tell me that isn't some serious awesome-ness (if that's a word)!

Check us out -

Blog: EGCG Blog
Etsy Shop: EGCG Shop (click on link to see a full list of EGCG members)
Flickr: EGCG Flicker Page


Waterrose said…
Wow you guys pulled that all off in a week! Way to go!

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