Pumpkin What?

This time of year I'm well into my pumpkin spice scented soaps. I must admit, as much as I don't eat pumpkin pies, I do LOVE the smell of these bars. If you close your eyes and take a whiff they really do smell edible. That said, I made my first batch of these a while back and sold the last bar recently. So now it's time to remake the scent and of course for me it's sooo boring replenishing stock unless there's some degree of difficulty involved which makes it a tad bit un-boring.

A few days ago I set out to replenish Pumpkin Spice and at the last minute I decided to get jiggy with it. I didn't want the plain old boring pumpkin spice this time around, I wanted something pleasing to not just the nose but to the eye too. So I did and I totally love the way they turned out. I've also decided to change the name from boring Pumpkin Spice to something more interesting like Pumpkin Chiffon - not that I've ever had that but the name sounds quite lovely :)


Anonymous said…
oh my the soap looks so edible and yummy! I love pumpkin pie but people over here in the UK are a bit funny about it - they dont know what they're missing! See you later :)
Morgan Street said…
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Joanna said…
These are beautiful! I tried to do a similar "white: top but it turned out awful! http://thesoapbar.blogspot.com/2008/09/pretty-soap-with-no-future.html

Mine were a carrot cake, though. Looks pumpkin-y. I tried to re-create the batch without the white top and the whole thing is dark brown. UGH! Soaping is always a wild card for me ;)
Anonymous said…
Pumpkin spice is one of my favorites as well, i'm LOVING it!!

So cute with the whipped topping, great thinking!
Cate Holst said…
Wow, you can almost smell the pumpkin. Looks yummy!
Nora said…
nom nom nom....I love pumpkin...but more than patchouli??? hmmmm
YUM those look so good!!! I bet they smell amazing!

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