Is it Summer Yet?

Can you tell I'm done with winter already?

This weekend I got it in my head that I wanted to make something summery. Not only summery looking but in scent too. I knew how I wanted it to look but just needed a scent to go with it. So I pulled out my fragrance oils and started sniffing them all. Disappointed that I didn't have anything to work with, I decided to create my own scent (not my forte by the way). I ended up with this concoction: Mango, pineapples, bananas, berries, coconut and almond.

Even husband commented on how good it smelled and nothing impresses him!

I've been calling this one Caribbean Queen temporarily. Any thoughts on a name for it? Think tropical, fruity, warm, sunny.........


Amber Rose said…
It looks great!! Is it on etsy? I want some!! :)
Morgan Street said…
No not yet Amber Rose -It will need to cure for 6 weeks or so.
Hmm... how about "Tropical Breeze"? i definitely like the colors!
mskittyfantastico said…
Sharon these soaps look fantastic! Tropical Breeze is a nice name! I kept thinking Hawaiian Punch from all the fruit. Too bad it's not red! Lol.
Amber Rose said…
Waaahhhhh, I want it NOW!! :P
tootsiegrace said…
Oh wow. That looks fabulous! How about Tropical Sunrise? The color invokes the feeling of warmth being so sunny!
Regal Beads said…
ohhhhhhh sounds yummy !!!!!
Joanna Schmidt said…
looks wonderful!! Since I live in the tropics all year round, nothing evokes vacation more than the word "beach", becasue I don't go there while I am working. (Well, sometimes, my hubby and I go there to have a get away from the environment and switch things up.).

AshleyHope said…
Sand and Sun? Ok maybe I'm not the bestest "namer". That's what the colors make me think of though. Hehe. Sounds like it smells wonderful!
I can imagine the sweet smell of that soap. I like the name Caribbean Queen, it surely looks fit for a queen.
what about something like tropical punch, or crafty carribean? i am rubbish at thinking up names..sorry :( i have my husband thinking too lol he said lemon merengue?! lmao i said theres no lemon in it! boys hey!
Anonymous said…
It looks fabulous! When I first saw the soap it made me think of sunflowers, but that doesn't go with the fruit!
Blossombabies said…
Girl, your soap is HOT!
hey, Sharon, I am thinkin' cocktails and flirts and heady sweaty summer nights, short flippy skirts swinging and dressed to capture hearts...hmmm, that almost made me blush! Ok, ahem, here is my contribution:
"Paradise Cocktail" or anything "Cocktail" or anything along the lines of "I cant believe I did that last night" for that matter!
This is fun, can you open all your new soaps up to public naming? Hahaha!
tropical dream
island escape
carribean treat

just some ideas :)
Joanna Schmidt said…
Tropical Melange

I love the word melange!
Morgan Street said…
oooh - Melange!! I like that word too! Hmmmmmmm
Anonymous said…
Looks wonderful! I've been working with a lot of bright colors lately too, I think i'm ready for spring!

How about Splendid Sunshine?

Although, I may need to write that down and use it in a collage piece or something... LOL... but go for it, if you like the name, use it!!
malevolent-mimi said…
Looks VERY Summery!

Here are a few names:

~Carribean...something lol

I started thinking of summery words then I started thinking of Drinks ha.

Best of luck to you
Corris, NYC Soapmakers' Circle Meetup said…
I loooooove Caribbean Queen. It reminds me of my vacations to Jamaica. Can't wait to smell your island oasis in a bar!
Ashley said…
This looks wonderful!

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