Monday, February 11, 2008


I still can't believe I made front page on Etsy last night. I've been wanting to make the front page ever since I joined and low and behold, there I was sitting right in the middle in all my glory!

Words can't describe how happy and excited I felt at that moment.

And to think I almost missed it. I was just getting ready to go to bed and figured I'd check Etsy one more time before retiring. There was a convo from a fellow soapmaker.

All it said was "CONGRATS ON FRONT PAGE" . Took me a while to understand the message but when it clicked, I was literally shaking while I fumbled my way over to the Etsy home page to see if this was indeed true and that I could now join the ranks of Etsy Front Pagers.
Yes it was true !!


royalcoquette said...

Congrats, girl-you deserve it! :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

YAY! Congrats, girlie!

Norella Angelique said...


Cicada Studio said...

Woot! Good for you!

egassner said...

I saw it! Congrats! I've been trying to get in on the treasury, but I think it's impossible!!