The Condensed Version

I know I left this blog high and dry and it really wasn't intentional but I got caught up in my new life here in London. I really did. Not that I've been rushed off my feet or anything, quite the opposite to be honest. I've never in my life had more time on my hands to do absolutely nothing, and trust me when I tell you, that's exactly what I've been doing.....absolutely nothing, and while it's been a wonderful change from my past life, I've now become bored. Hence my return to this here platform.  Prior to my departure from Uncle Sam's land, I did promise to write about my experiences in this country which I did (in my head). For those of you who are mind readers you know exactly what's been going on, for those who aren't, I shall give you the condensed version as best I can, but you really should learn how to read my mind to save us all some time going forward.

So I moved back to the UK in August of 2011. I threw caution to the wind. Took a massive chance. No job, no home, no prospects, no nothing!  When I left CT I left the vast majority of belongings behind, as they say, I arrived with the just the clothes on my back and a dream to be happy.

My little girl and I lived with my best friend for 3 months until we moved out and into our own place.  Because I had no job at the time I had to pay 6 months rent in advance. Lord knows it was leap of faith, but as luck would have it within a month I was offered a contract position that would start immediately after Xmas 2011. I started a job and managed to stay there for 18 months before landing a permanent position with the company I'm with now (one of the largest construction companies in the UK).  You may not know but my background is in construction.  It has been a huge change for us. We have moved from a pretty huge 4 bedroom house in the US to a teeny tiny 2 bedroom flat here in London with zero storage (I can't even buy  multipacks of bathroom tissue as there's no where to store it).  We live a very basic existence in comparison to where we've come from but guess what? we love it! There's something liberating about living on less and with less. We have learned a lot and have realised there is far more to life than having 'things' and that happiness can be found in the simplest of forms. Yes we are both very very happy so it's been a successful journey in my books.

There is just one thing missing and that is soap. I miss my soapy existence. I need a kick up the arse. Somebody, anybody? PLEASE?


Anonymous said…
I was just thinking about your shop tonight, and here you are! The loss of your lip balm made me make my own lip balm. So please come back! Dippy. :)
Morgan Street said…
ooh, you've found me :-)
How are the lip balms working for you. Nice?
Ash said…
Oh my goodness! I had wondered whatever became of you. Your body butters were my favorite thing! I just tossed out the last of my chocolate raspberry (7 years old, it had a good run) and looked you up to see if anyone had heard from you and here you are. :D
I still have some of a pumpkin spice bundt cake soap I bought from you all those years ago. After all these years your soaps are still my favorites. The turkish delight and parma violet just smelled SO GOOD.

If you ever do decide to come back to making soaps I will be first in line. Glad to hear you're doing well. Take care!

mary rick said…
Hi Sharon !!! It's Mary The person who had faith in you and your products You have always been on my mind please get in touch with me my email is Please let me know how you are doing!!

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