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I finally got off my duff and made some soap. Nothing too exciting, just 3 batches that I've made in the past.

First batch is green tea. I love how this one has a soft delicate scent. I haven't made this one in a long while (maybe a year or more)

2nd batch is rose. Here I combined 3 different rose fragrances because I thought it would make it a bit more interesting instead of just a straight up boring rose scent. I like it.

3rd batch is my beloved almond. This one was always popular but again I stopped making it. It's for all those die-hard jergens lotion scent lovers.


Pili said…
I think I'll really have to try the green tea! Looks lovely!!
FuturePrimitive said…
yummy oh yummy! Hey sharon, thanks so much for the soap and the cream, which arrived last week. I'm saving it for mummy for xmas...she'll be over the moon x
Hi Sharon,

Really nice soaps. You put a lot of effort into this really fun art form.

I wanted to ask you what have you found the greatest challenge to making cold-processed soap?

Thanks so much.

Carmen said…
Sharon, me ha gustado mucho tu blog y tus jabones, yo tambien soy adicta al jabon.
Sabons Carmeta
Morgan Street said…
Hi Michael, Thanks for the compliments!
I find the greatest challenge is consistency. Trying to recreate the same look more than once. It's very difficult (for me at least) because I tend to make soap the way I cook. A little change or tweak here and there from batch to batch depending on what I'm feeling that given day. I'm also challenged in the HP soapmaking department. I'm just never 100% happy with the results.
Marla Bosworth said…
Beautiful soaps! It's so true about the Jergen's almond fanatics.
Dan Zuluaga said…
Beautiful batches of soap!! As you make more batches of soap, you'll tailor your tools to fit your particular soap making style.
it is a nice soap,i love green tea
smell,is good to learn from you as
a beginner.thanks
Handmade Soap said…
I love your style, thank you for sharing.

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