Oh my, is it really October already?

and have I really been missing since May? So yes, I did close my shop so I could...ahem...streamline things. By that I mean, I was supposed to re-open with a more cohesive product line. Great idea right? Well it would have been had I followed through.

So what went wrong?

This is what went wrong. I closed my shop, the orders stopped and I took a sigh of relief. I really long sigh. So long that I couldn't even bring myself to stop enjoying all the new found free time I suddenly had, the new knitting projects, the early to bed nights and the morning lay ins. We won't even mention the days spent reading the week end New York Times or stacks of magazines that I had never gotten to, or books that I'd had for years but never read or the camera I'd had for years but never figure out how to use. So you get the picture I hope. To say it was a lovely time would be putting it very mildly.

Several books and a couple trips later, here I am. Ready to rock and roll again. It'll be interesting to see the direction my shop takes in the future considering the 2 main scents that I was building my "look" around got discontinued (2 separate suppliers btw) which I must say has been a major blow and sort of knock my plans off kilter. One must brush oneself off and carry on right?

Anyway, here are some pics of random ish from this summer.

Feels good to be blogging again :)


Suds to Love said…
Welcome back to blogging land! Wonderful vacation pictures.
Pili said…
Welcome back!

I'm glad to hear that although the re-launching plans didn't work out as you had them in your mind (what are the odds for both scents to be discontinued?) you did manage to have a great time and enjoy some time for yourself!
FuturePrimitive said…
well..I was singing...'I don't wanna wait in vain for your love...' for a long long while whilst you disappeared almost from the face of the earth!
so missed reading your blog..and missed you on the twit too.
nice to see you back - don't leave us again FFS.
Welcome back Sharon! You have been missed.
Merche said…
I also went to Maine last summer. Wonderful place. I want to return sometime.

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