Did I ever tell you

that in the midst of streamlining my product line (which to me should mean reducing not increasing), I retired quite a few of my lip balm flavors and (don't ask me how) I ended up adding a couple of new ones. I've always wanted to offer lip balm flavors that were a little "different", you know, not your typical every day flavors, so to that end, I decided to create a LAVENDER flavor cos I'm weird like that.

When I made my first few as a test batch I was totally unprepared for their deliciousness (is that a word)?

Here I used a lavender flavor oil and added a titch of a sugar flavor to sweeten it and make it more candylike.

I must say it is truly divine and I'm not being biased - honest!


Pili said…
I really think I must add this to my list of hearts!
Joanna said…
Well as you know I am not a lavender fan, but addin sugar is a smart move and I bet it will be a big seller.
Morgan Street said…
Jo, I think straight up lavender would have been too mediciney or too spikey (if you know what I mean). The sugar flavor totally changed it. It's like perfume on the lips.
Carmen said…
Mmmmm...that WOULD be good!
Anne-Marie said…
Just when you think you can reduce the size of your line, a great idea strikes! Lavender is such a crowd pleaser. I'm sure you're going to have some big fans of this lovely scent!
beauty blogger said…
Oh my god!! I love this.
good smell and good ingredients!
this product will be success I believe 100%!!

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