What's in a color anyways

Look how hideous.........was going for a light purple since I'm a bit heavy handed in the color department I went real light. Lo & behold we have GREY soap. Grey like wet cement, cold concrete, gunmetal, a dirty pigeon but nothing like the lavender it's supposed to be. Maybe I'll describe it as off white. Reckon it'll fly?


Chile please. Etsy loves gray anything, so it'll be a big hit, lol.

Anyway, it's how it feels and smells that counts-at least that what my customers tell me:)
innerearthsoaps said…
This actually looks pale mint green to me! I like it.
Devany said…
Looks soothing to me...don't be so critical of yourself!
Pili said…
Well, it really isn't pale purple or lavender, but it's no a bad colour either!
And I'm sure the scent is brilliant!
The small pic looked pale gray, but when I enlarged it, it did look pretty white to me.

Keep in mind that I don't have a sense of smell, but for scents, I prefer colored soaps because that's the part of the soap I get to enjoy.

However, other people tell me they care more about the scent. As long as it isn't an awful perfume type soap, they really don't care what the color is.

Who knows, there may be people out there who like scented soap and not even want much color, so I really wouldn't worry about it. :)
Jennifer Young said…
I kind of like it just the way it is! xo Jen
Debbie :0) said…
Very elegant, IMHO.
Danica said…
Welcome to my world! :)
The soap still looks awesome though!
Bombdigity said…
maybe drizzle it with a lavender or purple mp?
I would rather have a soap in its natural color, than to add color for the sake of color. I think it looks lovely and the smell would make me forget the color anyway. :)
TheSoapSister said…
Oh, I think you're disappointed because it isn't what you expected. However, I don't mind the color at all! I think I would market it as "Lavender Chert" -(a type of flint rock that is often light gray...who know?)Or even "Lavender Flint" to be less technical. ~Becky
Joanna said…
May?! May?! What are you doing, woman!? Get back here and quick. I am tired of this picture, already.
make soaps said…
Make soaps with colors. What ingredient in handmade soaps tends to turn the water a light blue?
I have been ordering different handmade soaps and some leave the bath water a light blue color even though the soap color isn't light blue.
Anne-Marie said…
I think your soap turned out just fine =) And also am missing your blog. Would love to hear how things are going with your soaping =)
Morgan Street said…
Hanging my head in shame. I'm coming back. Just need to decide what to start yacking about first :)
Michael Hughes said…
The colors seem to come through fine. Give yourself to space to experiment and be patient with the results. You're onto something good here. Keep with it!
Michael Hughes said…
Hi there,

I would also add that trying different color mixes and being bold in experimenting often leads to solid breakthroughs. Making soap is truly an art form, and you have to allow for nuances and for surprises along the way.
maty said…
oooooh! Sometimes the failures are large
creations .... I like it, looks a very very natural soap
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what advice can you all give.
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