ooh look

...I actually got off my duff and made soap!

There comes a time when you just have to dive in and DO IT. I've been carrying around a notebook and jotting down every idea/thought I've had for my new line. This has been going on for quite a few weeks and it dawned on me a few days ago and writing all this stuff down is doing me no good if I don't actually DO any of it.

So here's my first installment. They look a little rough right now as they haven't been cleaned up yet but still, they turned out EXACTLY the way I'd envisioned on paper but smells a little better. I wanted a look that was a bit unisex for this one since the scent is unisex. I also knew I wanted dark green because it has a rich lush forest scent. All in all, I'm happy. Just need to work on a good scent description and umm.....my photography skills too :)
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Pili said…
Ooooh, it looks really nice!!
And I'm sure it smells great!!
Jennifer Young said…
I looooove your swirling and the contrast of the colours.... what a wonderful looking soap!! xo Jen
maty said…
oh lala .. ! cream the cream
Luciano Ruocco said…
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