It's Definitely Spring

Two years ago I started growing my own herbs and veggies. I'm new to the gardening lark so I knew nothing of what I was doing (actually still don't). At that time I just headed over to the local garden store, bought some little plants and shoved them in the ground. To my delight I had a bumper crop and felt like quite the farmer.

Last year I decided to try my hand at planting seeds in a little incubator type box. Those worked out well also (except for the peppers) who decided not to make an appearance at all. Well they worked out well until we got all that rain. Regardless, I managed to succeed with my cukes and tomatoes and ended up with a TON of both. There were so many cukes I pickled several jars for my pickle loving kid and the rest I pureed and froze for use in my cucumber facial soap.

This year I'm doing the seeds thing again. I've planted 2 types of cucumbers - regular English cucumbers and of course the pickling variety. Naturally I have plans for more face soap and tons of salad too.

I also got some Black Krim tomatoes and some Habanero pepper seeds that I purchased from a fabulous Etsy seller AzureDandelion

I'm quite looking forward to putting these in the ground soon!


Pili said…
Yay for growing cucumbers! I just love cucumbers!
Rain Family said…
Wishing you the best of luck in your gardening adventures!!
The Rain Family at AzureDandelion
Trying my hand at both veggie and herb gardens for the first time this year...sooo excited! Your pics look great :)

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