Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I've made a difference!

Yes, I really have. Not sure if I mentioned the story in a previous post but one day husband was going to a BBQ of an acquaintance of his. He asked me to put something together as a gift for the host's wife so I did. Just a few bars of soap and a couple lip balms I think it was.

About a month later, the host contacts husband to thank him profusely for the wonderful stuff and to tell him how much he enjoyed using them and how although he was a tough army guy, he had never felt so pampered in the shower.

This switches on a light bulb in husband's head so he asks me if I would make a batch of soap to send to the soldiers in Iraq. I was delighted to so that's exactly what I did. I made a batch of oatmeal, milk & honey and for a bit of pampering I added real milk, real oatmeal and real honey oh and lets not forget the silk fibers either. Even soldiers want soft skin sometimes. Off the soaps went to Long Island where "Army man" would ship them off to Iraq to his fellow fighters.

Yesterday husband went onto a forum they all belong to and read this posted by "Army man" who is now back in Iraq:

I've touched on this before but I'm going to a kind of repost with some actual in the field reviews (edited for language shared amongst

soldiers) of a DAMN FINE product made by the illustrious Mrs. JJenk.

I'm talking about handcrafted soaps and lip balm.

What is so special about soap and Chap-Stik you ask? Read on......

My first experience with this was after my Beer-B-Que and GTG this summer. JJenk was kind enough to bring a gift for Mrs. SFA, a basket of lip balms and soaps that she handcrafts in small batches.

Used her coffee almond bar the next day. HOLY SH*T this stuff was like showering using baby bunnies for a soap bar and clouds for lather.

There was all kinds of happiness involved. Not just smile on the face kind of happy but WOW this stuff is amazing kind of happy.

It literally left me feeling cleaner than anything else I had ever used with no strong perfumey kind of after-smell. I also used it with a brush for shaving and it completely and utterly rules for this task.

A couple months later Mrs. JJenk made a batch for me to ship to my comrades in Iraq. This was almost an unscented soap (any smell attracts sand flies and mosquitos like mad). Took a good while for it to arrive but it did finally make it. Some of the thank yous I have gotten go like this.....

"Damn brother- where the fu*k did you find this stuff? This is the first time I've felt clean in months and it even knocked out my toe rot........"

"Coyote this good sh*t. Same thing like that my mother made in Estonia.

It is like being back home. The Bear loves you again...."

"- thank you soooooo much for the soaps. I'm not a foo-foo girl but this is pure luxury and a definite treat."

"Good sh*t. Now I know why I kept your ass around for so long"

Yeah guys & girls- it is THAT good. These are comments from guys who don't give a rodent's posterior about high end anything for the most part unless it goes bang or boom. Heck I'm not a dude that rants and raves about this kind of thing either but gotta say this is worth the effort to speak up about.

The second part of the basket included some lip balms. When I say that smooching Mrs. SFA has become even more enjoyable take that as it stands. Very cool flavors, sweet and nothing artificial. My personal favorite is the chocolate cake one which also happens to be Mrs. SFA's fave as well. Works out well for all concerned!

She's always had a problem with chapped lips during the winter, especially with central heating systems. No worries so far- and the best part is it's 100% natural. No Red #3 or sodium hydroxegenated whodawhackers, just good old fashioned grandma's kitchen type ingredients. Not gonna get lip cancer from this- just tasty kisses

With Christmas coming up snagging one or two bars of this heaven would be a good move for the Mrs. or significant other in your life or even as a gift to yourself. Same goes for the lip balm (serves as a gift for you both hehe). I'm pretty much off bar soap for good after trying these boutique bars.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holy Moly - it's been THAT long

...since I last blogged? I deserve a public flogging especially since the only excuse I have is MAYBE lack of motivation. But since the holidays are upon us and things have started getting busy around here, I have had no choice but to get my bottom in gear and get crackalacking.

SO - my dear friend Joanna sent me a facebook message a while back. I guess she must have realized that my mojo had taken to the hills once again so she told me to roll my sleeves up, get creative, push the envelope, do something "different". I mulled over her message for a couple weeks before I decided to take her up on it. Granted these aren't the most exciting looking soaps in the world but they ARE different to my usual fare.

First up is "Garden Party" - same scent as the original but with a new look. I went for hot pink and bright green with sprinklings of gold mica on top. There's supposed to be a fine gold line dividing the 2 colors but it's barely visible unless you hold the bar right up to your face.

My next envelope pusher is a Pomegranate & Orange soap with sugar sprinkles on top. I actually love the scent of this. Don't even ask about the funky lines/wannabe swirls, they sort of did their own thing but the colors are cool right?