Holy Moly - it's been THAT long

...since I last blogged? I deserve a public flogging especially since the only excuse I have is MAYBE lack of motivation. But since the holidays are upon us and things have started getting busy around here, I have had no choice but to get my bottom in gear and get crackalacking.

SO - my dear friend Joanna sent me a facebook message a while back. I guess she must have realized that my mojo had taken to the hills once again so she told me to roll my sleeves up, get creative, push the envelope, do something "different". I mulled over her message for a couple weeks before I decided to take her up on it. Granted these aren't the most exciting looking soaps in the world but they ARE different to my usual fare.

First up is "Garden Party" - same scent as the original but with a new look. I went for hot pink and bright green with sprinklings of gold mica on top. There's supposed to be a fine gold line dividing the 2 colors but it's barely visible unless you hold the bar right up to your face.

My next envelope pusher is a Pomegranate & Orange soap with sugar sprinkles on top. I actually love the scent of this. Don't even ask about the funky lines/wannabe swirls, they sort of did their own thing but the colors are cool right?


Pili said…
Pomegranate & Orange? That sounds right down my alley and it looks gorgeous!!
Joanna said…
I am SO LOVING these soaps! I am glad you rolled up those sleeves and threw your humdrum towel down for a little tequila dancing eveing. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think your soaps are always gorgeous, but you pushed the envelope and I think it is always important to let our hair down, so to speak.

I love that you cared enough to take my advice. Kisses!



Are more coming??

FuturePrimitive said…
loving the colour combos. very striking.
well done jo...sharon had been a bit slack on the old blog..!
which reminds me..so have i and am just about to do another post!

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