Missing MOJO

So I've been back on US soil for 5 days after a week in Great Britain. My intention was to hit the ground running and pick right back up where I left off with my soap making etc. Apparently my Mojo had other plans as it seems to have stayed behind in England.

Well Mojo, I hope you're enjoying your extended vacation because I'm sitting here giving my soap pot a blank stare.


Joanna said…
I have been finding great beauty in basic creamy no frills soap. Why not make a mellow scent with no color no "waves. Just a thin trace pour. Simple. Pure. I did that, and MY mojo came back. Maybe your mojo and my mojo are in cahoots. ;)
Morgan Street said…
maybe you're right. nothing fancy, just straight up soap with a light scent. I'll weigh up some lye this afternoon. thanks for the push Joanna - I knew you'd help nudge me along :-)

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