Couldn't help meself

even though I'm not so talented in the melt & pour department, I have to admit I have a lot of fun playing with the stuff.

Here's the result of my most recent M&P adventures. I'm going to call them Bon-Bons. I love em all. So far I've made coffee, chocolate, lime & ginger, strawberry, pomegranate, lemon & almond. Lawd knows how many more I'll come up with between now and the weekend.

Sometimes having too much time on your hands can be dangerous.

Somebody please come pry this block of M&P from my hands!!

GIVEAWAY!! Get yourself a free Bon-Bon with any purchase from my Etsy shop. Just mention my blog & the flavor you'd like at checkout!


Lanee' said…
Those look so good, it's almost cruel! lol
Morgan Street said…
oh gawd - she said the dreaded WW words. me!
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those look good enough to eat! you would never know they were soap.

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