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So last week I happened upon an Etsy seller Hypnotransformations quite by accident who sells hypnotherapy CDs. Out of curiosity I poked around their shop for a bit and and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that they had a hypnotherapy CD for weight loss. Not one to leave a stone unturned, I decided right then and there to give it a whirl. Here I will attempt to document my results - good or bad.
Wednesday 11/12/08 – 168 lbs
My weight loss hypnosis CD arrived in the mail this afternoon. Very happy to have received it so fast. I quickly unwrap it, give the instructions a once over and promptly stick it in my lap top and proceed to make myself comfy. I’m not gonna lie – I did wonder if I was going to wake up barking like a dog or even worst, wake up with murderous thoughts . Anyway, I settled into the breathing and relaxation that I was instructed to by the lady with the soft voice. Damn it – right when I was in the zone, the kid comes home from school early. She’s yelling for me and I’m fighting really hard to block out her voice. Then she comes running up the stairs and into my room. I refuse to open my eyes or to resurface from the lovely place where good eating habits are being embedded my brain. I manage (well still semi submerged) to wave her away and she promptly leaves. Damn it! I wonder if it will still work I’m wondering. Nonetheless, I decide to continue on with the session even though I wasn’t completely “under”. The soft voice told me that I would never diet again and I would no longer eat unnecessarily only when hungry. Alrighty then I thought to myself. Not trying to be a disbeliever or anything but really – we’re talking about me here.
8:48pm – Still drinking water, ate dinner as usual (maybe less than normal) and am quite satisfied. Surprisingly I have absolutely no yearning for ANYTHING not even sugar which is a must have for me. This sodding thing may just work after all OR could it be because I’m suffering from a flu like ailment? Dunno. Time will tell. I plan to listen to it again tonight just for real reinforcement since I was awoken from my trance prematurely earlier.

11/13/08 – 166.5 lbs
Since my first session was interrupted, I decided it would be best to listen to the CD again just to be safe. I’m really not sure what happened or how exactly to describe it but I somehow managed to fall asleep. Not a deep sleep but enough to not remember hearing too much of the CD yet aware enough to know when it was time to awaken from the session. That was very weird considering I had just drunk a huge starbucks coffee not 2 hours earlier and I was nowhere near tired. So, did the words actually sink into my brain or no?
This morning I woke up, not hungry but thirsty. Just as the nice soft voice said – you will want to drink a lot of water. I want to drink a lot of water. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I see my big weight watchers 32oz water jug. This is some weird shit but you know what? I woke up this morning 1.5lbs lighter than I was yesterday so I’m not complaining. We’ll see what the rest of the day brings. I’m supposed to only want to eat when I’m hungry and just enough to sustain myself.
9:22pm – the day has gone very well. This evening I went to the grocery store and got some yogurt, frozen fruit and some of those 60 calorie jello pudding thingies. I’ve been dying to try those for ever and they had dulce de leche – my all time favorite flavor in ANYTHING! They have now been in the fridge for 5 hours. I’m waiting for the desire to eat one but it’s just not coming. 2 days ago (pre hypnosis days) I could have easily eaten 2 or 3 of them already.
I’m still drinking lots of water as I seem to “need” it all the time. So far, so good – I’m enjoying this especially because I’m a) not thinking about it b) not on a diet. Life Rocks right now! More tomorrow.

11/14/08 – 164 lbs
So, I must admit. Last night I stayed up so late that I was hungry again. I didn’t eat anything though, I went to bed. Normally, my angry belly would have kept me from sleeping or would have kept waking me throughout the night to remind me it need some sort of filling. Last night, I turned out the light, rolled over and shut my eyes. I slept soundly and woke up with no signs of the previous night’s hunger. Matter of fact, I didn’t make my breakfast sandwich (egg on a toasted muffin with ½ slice cheese) until pretty late. So there you have it. My brain is teaching my body everything the lady with the nice voice told it. I think I like this.

The thirst for water continues by the way.
Tonight I went to a big party which included an overnight hotel stay. The party was fabulous, open bar all night and a scrumptious sit down dinner too. Here’s what happened differently tonight for me.
a) I didn’t clean my dinner plate
b) I didn’t finish my dessert which by the way was D.I.V.I.N.E
c) I almost ordered myself a Baileys to drink and at the last minute thought about the calories and changed my mind to wine. I’ve NEVER done that before!
The best part? All these behavior changes took ZERO effort on my part. I didn’t feel as if I was missing out on anything and I didn’t feel deprived. Life is good!

11/15/08 – 165 lbs
Today is a bit of a blur. Partied a little too hard last night and spent today recovering. Lots of water and tea for me. I’m going to blame my 1 lb weight gain on last night’s dinner. By the way, I brought home a huge platter of lovely looking cookies. Don’t ask me how they taste because I couldn’t tell you. Somehow as lovely as they look, they just don’t look lovely enough for me to eat them.
11/16/08 – 165 lbs
You know what I’ve noticed since listening to this CD? I have loads of energy. Usually in the evenings I’m totally exhausted and falling asleep by 9:00pm or even earlier. Tonight I made soap at midnight, cleaned the kitchen thoroughly and sat down and enjoyed wine while making a to do list for the next day while the rest of the house was fast asleep. Life is Good!

11/17/08 – 164 lbs
Yesterday I didn’t drink as much water as I should have. I think it’s time to listen to my CD again just for added reinforcement. had to buy cough drops today. I ate one because I was coughing so badly. Today I was eating cough drops. I never realized how sweet those things are until today. MAN they’re sweet!!!
Oh I forgot to mention something else I’ve noticed since starting this journey – not only do I have lots of enenergy, I have this urge to go outside and exercise. Yesterday morning I actually stood at the window, curtain pulled back, envisioning myself walking briskly in the cool morning air. I can’t wait until this cold is gone and I can breath properly again, I have a feeling I’m going to be tearing up some sidewalks in Bridgeport!
That lady with the soft voice packs a mighty powerful punch! I think I like her :)

11/18/08 – 164 lbs
Today makes a week since I started this journey. I’ve decided that so far, this is the way to go for me. I am doing all the right things without obsessing. I’m not thinking about food at all unless I’m hungry, I don’t obsess about how many calories or points I’m eating, I’ve automatically cut down my portion sizes and by some miracle don’t find “bad” foods appetizing any more. By the way those jello puddings are STILL in the fridge.
Week 2 - 163 lbs

It's been a while since I updated since I've been crazy busy with the shop (a good thing). Anyway, I'll make it quick.
Week 2 I found myself down another 1lb - YAY Me. This despite the fact that I did not get the chance to listen to the CD this week
Jello puddings are STILL in the fridge!


Week 3 - 162.5 lbs

I felt for sure that this week I would have either gained a little bit of weight or at best remain the same since it was thanksgiving and everything. I actually cooked this year (only my 2nd time ever cooking on thanksgiving). I made a cheesecake for my daughter and her room mates, we had ham, brick baked chicken (not too fond of turkey), stuffing, roasted potatoes (ladened with melted butter by the way), macaroni cheese (cooked old school style with rich from scratch cheese sauce), rice, veggies and of course wine. It was a true feast! I really didn't eat that much but found myself drinking a TON of water the entire time I was cooking (in between the sips of wine :) I had just one helping of food, 1 slice of cheesecake and that was enough for me. I actually started to feel nausous when I got close to the end of my meal and had to take a break. That was another first for me.

This week, I found myself craving sweets again. Not bad but just a little. I figured it was because I didn't listen to the CD all last week so I made sure that I listened to it first thing Sunday morning.

As soon as I started listening to it, I seriously saw myself in a 2 piece bikini in my mind. I kept thinking to myself "this is crazy, why am I wearing a bikini?"

All in all - it's been another successful week. Slow and steady wins the race :)


Womb Wellness and Nutrition Coach said…
Sharon that is fabulous. Your body is making the adjustments. Isn't it amazing how short a time period that can happen. What you experienced from the cough drops comes from the not having sweets like you used to and so your body has a double response to anything mildly sweet now. Your taste buds are REALLY living now is why! I am loving reading your journal! Keep them coming! I think I am going to try this cd for my some of my clients. I will give it to them as a holiday giveaway!
metafashiongems said…
Thank you for sharing your experience, you have inspired me both as a writer AND to get over this weight loss hump! I really appreciate you honestly and personal story of truth and authentic delivery! Keep up the good work!

Moniesa :)
Lanee' said…
i've happened upon her shop too. still a bit like, iiii dunno, but your blog is changing my mind!
soapwish said…
Just read this and I'm dying for an update. How's it going?
By the way, I love your writing!

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